Hello! My name is Farin Blackburn. I have a degree in Visual Communication Design & a minor in Photo-Illustration. I currently work for Darice, which is owned by Michael's Craft Stores as a product developer designer and my company Seaworthi, LLC. I enjoy a broad range of design from web to 2D to illustration. Design to me revolves around the customer/client you are dealing with, and how to properly come up with a solution that is consistent with the brand they want to portray. Having experience in many different varieties is a very important aspect to our career and I love pushing the limit to teach myself something new. 

Some of my specialties are hand-lettering, calligraphy, illustration, typography and web/digital design.  

Some of my hobbies are ANYTHING ON THE WATER, drinking a good stout beer, hand painting signs and making state themed posters. 

My perfect day would be on a boat, paddle board, or kayak in the middle of the lake with a beer and some good friends. 

Seaworthi Design


On the outside of my normal work day I love to write calligraphy and hand address envelopes for brides to be! I enjoy writing quotes in fun, handwritten fonts and creating awesome posters about my favorite cities.